Big Magenetic Finishing Machine
June 24, 2021
Stainless Steel Dehydration Machine
June 24, 2021

Translation Type Magnetic Finishing Machine


Translation type magnetic grinding machine, the original ordinary single magnetic force grinding machine, on the basis of increasing magnetic field and move around 1-5 unit, which greatly improved the uniformity of the entire product polishing, products in the grinding slot without blind area, especially around the disk center and location, suitable for the small hardware of batch processing, long/large products without dead zone grinding, the machine can be customized and can be designed according to the product requirements,




  1. Polishing small products, because there is no center and surrounding blind area, single time can greatly increase the processing weight, the polishing products are even, more efficiency;
  2. Polishing large products, the original single magnetic machine is solved because the product is too big, can not freely roll over the malpractice, the uniformity is high, including the brightness and the sand surface, de-burring strength more,
  3. Translational type magnetic polishing machine on the original circular foundation, increased the left and right movement, greatly increased the magnetic field area length, suitable for the longer product, suitable for throwing tube and block products, for example. Laptop chassis.


Model Power(kw) Processing Weight(kg) Groove Size(mm) Size(mm)
BE-C1280 4 1-30 1100*600 1200*750*1150
BE-C1980 4*2 1-60 1800*600 1900*750*1150
BE-C2680 4*3 1-80 2500*600 2600*750*1150
BE-C3280 4*4 1-100 3100*600 3200*750*1150