Translation Type Magnetic Finishing Machine
June 24, 2021
Auto Open-Cover Dehydration Machine
Auto Open-Cover Dehydration Machine
June 24, 2021

Stainless Steel Dehydration Machine


  1. Dehydrating and drying at the same time, no water mark and pollution dot, can avoid workpiece oxidizing or rusting,
  2. Dehydrating tank adopted stainless steel, study and durable, easy for workpieces loading and unloading
  3. Set pedal brake to increase operation safety
  4. Adopt auto-control power supply system, can switch off automatically when dehydration finished or cover opened temperature and time control function operational


Model Motor(HP) Barrel diameter(mm) Barrel Height(mm) Speed(r.p.m) Heat(kw)
BD-400 1 400 260 530 1.8
BD-500 1.5 500 280 530 3
BD-600 3 600 350 480 4