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June 29, 2021
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June 29, 2021

Polishing Vibration Machine

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Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Limited (Baozhen) is one of the leading companies for the best polishing vibration machine. With an exemplary work ethic, we conduct ideal research and development to satisfy the requirements of customers. In terms of polishing and grinding equipment, we do not offer any extra effort to get the best shape. High performance in terms of quality and cost has won the recognition of the hardware industry.

Why Choose Us

Quality Control

With flawless quality, we continuously develop new products to handle multiple work pieces from different industries. We strive to make every polishing vibration machine better because we need to offer customers cost-effective products. With the following aspects we have served several renowned global clienteles:

  • Scientific formula,
  • Precise design,
  • Strict standards, and
  • Safe-efficient running

Specially Tailored

Our aim always remains to offer a better solution for finishing. Our production team always provides the only-for-you solution in each aspect. From order booking to after-sales, we work in uniformity to continuously develop the perfect finishing process.

What Sets us Apart

One-Stop Shop

Baozhen is a one-stop shop company. Here you will not only get different kinds of mass finishing equipment but the right to buy high-quality items. We have a robust lab and complete manufacturing lines. Therefore, we can meet the requirements of the research and development and production department with different shapes, different uses, and different sizes. Apart from polishing vibration machine, we offer:

  • Aluminum wheel polishing machines
  • Portable wheel polishing machines
  • Rotary mirror polishing machines
  • Centrifugal polishing machines
  • Metal surface finishing machines
  • Metal buffering machines

Fast Delivery

We are a responsible organization. Irrespective of the purchase order quantity, we always deliver on time. The maximum delivery time is no more than one month. Our robust production guarantees enough supply and our stock allows you to get your products quickly.



The equipment is used for wet-grinding and dry-grinding, it includes grinding disc, rotating disc, abrasive-resistance ring, driving system and electric-control system, when the rotating disc rotates, the abrasive material and workpiece in the grinding disc will move upward along the barrel shell for the reason of centrifugal force action, then fall back the centre of the rotating disc from the high position by their weight of workpieces and abrasive material, repeat the above movement to make the abrasive material spiraling movement, and realize high efficiency grinding efficiency grinding effect, it is suitable for workpiece surface processing of various gold and silver jewelry, electronic parts, clocks and watches, glasses parts etc,, on de-burring chamfering mirror-finish polishing, high gloss precious polishing,



-It is proved that the vibration polish can save 90% hand work in alloy wheel polishing.

-It is suitable for surface finish processing of metal or non-metal workpieces including deburring, chamfering, derusting oxidation layer.

-It also applied for surface processing before electroplating or chemical processing in many producing and processing industries such as machinery, electronic, instrument, space navigation automobile, motorcycle, hardware, artcraft and decoration, etc.


Model Size Weight Inner Bowl Size(mm) Power
BZ-21 21inch 460kg 660 1.5kw
BZ-24  24inch 520kg 760  1.5kw
BZ-30 30inch 580kg 860  2.0kw