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Vibratory screening and separating machine
June 29, 2021
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Metal Surface Finishing
June 29, 2021

Polishing Vibration Machine

Top Quality Tumbler Vibratory Polishing Machine Supplier

Are you searching for the best company selling a vibratory polishing machine? If yes, Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Limited (Baozhen) is the top-notch company providing you with the right products. To gratify the requirements of our clients, we conduct deep research and also use advanced development approaches.

In terms of high-quality and reasonable costs, the hardware machinery industry has won the credits for extraordinary performance.

Why Choose Us?


We are always manufacturing innovative products with exquisite quality to handle a variety of workpieces from various sectors. As we intend to provide clients with cost-effective products, we focus on improving each vibratory polishing machine. We have worked with several well-known global clients on the following aspects:

  • Scientific formula
  • A well-thought-out plan,
  • Strict guidelines,
  • Running in a safe and productive manner

Specifically Designed:

Our focus has always been to provide a superior finishing option; especially to polishing vibration machine.

In every area, our development staff consistently delivers a unique solution for you for a vibratory polishing machine. From order placement through after-sales service, we work in unison to enhance the finishing process and quality check.

What Sets Us Apart As Polishing Vibration Machine Manufacturer?

All-in-one marketplace:

Baozhen is the final stop shop for all of your requirements. Not only can you find multiple categories of mass finishing machinery such as tumbler vibratory polishing machine, here, but you will also have the option to acquire high-quality things.

We have a well-equipped lab and entire manufacturing lines to manufacture polishing vibration machine and other products. As a result, we can meet the needs of the research and development and manufacturing departments. We also provide the following services in addition to the polishing vibration machine:

We are a trustworthy company. We always deliver on schedule, regardless of the size of the purchase order. No more than one month is allowed for shipment. Our consistent manufacturing process ensures sufficient quantity, and our inventory allows you to receive our products fast.

Versatility Of Product:

We are known for our versatility; especially with respect to polishing vibration machine. Guaranteeing versatility is the most effective strategy to ensure long-term success for our organization.

As customers desire high-quality things that can accomplish everything they need and more, our sales of a tumbler vibratory polishing machine, and customer retention increase.


A tumbler vibratory polishing machine includes a rotating disc, grinding disc, abrasive-resistance ring, electric-control system, and driving system. When the rotating disc rotates, the aggressive substance and surface in the grinding disc will move upward along the barrel shell due to centrifugal force action, then fall back from the high-level position due to the weight of the workpieces and aggressive material, repeat the process.



-It is proved that the vibration polish can save 90% handwork in alloy wheel polishing vibration machine

-It is suitable for surface finish processing of metal or non-metal workpieces including deburring, chamfering, derusting oxidation layer.

-It is also applied for surface processing before electroplating or chemical processing in many producing and processing industries such as machinery, electronic, instrument, space navigation automobile, motorcycle, hardware, artcraft, and decoration, etc.


Model Size Weight Inner Bowl Size(mm) Power
BZ-21 21inch 460kg 660 1.5kw
BZ-24  24inch 520kg 760  1.5kw
BZ-30 30inch 580kg 860  2.0kw