Vibratory Polishing Machine
July 12, 2021
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Metal Buffering Machine
August 16, 2021

Polishing Machine

Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine Supplier

Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Limited (Baozhen) is a leading name when it comes to aluminum wheel polishing machine. We offer different variations of polishing machines. Due to our diversification, we are securing more and more clients with each passing month. Apart from polishing vibration, we offer:

  • aluminum wheel polishing machine
  • portable wheel polishing machine
  • rotary mirror polishing machine
  • centrifugal polishing machine
  • the metal surface finishing machine
  • metal buffering machine
  • abrasive machine

Why Choose Us

Team Work

We always acquire a workforce that is qualified thoroughly professional in their work. We work as a gelled unit, which is reflected in our quality and prompt response. Each team member remains focused on achieving excellence to make our name bigger as an aluminum and portable wheel polishing machine manufacturer.

24/7 Client Support

We have a dedicated customer support service at Baozhen. We never let our customers alone and respond to them whenever they contact us. Since we are an online portable and rotary mirror polishing machine supplier, we are catering to a vast number of customers through the web.

We are Full of Resources

Baozhen has a devoted manufacturing facility. The facility is rich with the latest machinery and human resource. Engineers and other staff that we have are among the qualified ones compared to other centrifugal polishing machine manufacturers. All these aspects, collectively, takes us above and beyond our competitors.

What Sets Us Apart

The scale of Your Business Doesn’t Matter

Whether you are a small-scale business or you run a large-scale company, we can cover you. We always have enough stock to fulfill any order volume. We have customers who have converted from small-scale to multi-million dollar companies.

Believe in Long-term Relationship

Whenever a customer buys a polishing machine from us, we make sure that we make them a repeated customer. Due to our lasting business relationships, Baozhen is rapidly making its mark as a trustworthy portable wheel polishing machine supplier.

Competitive Pricing

We believe that quality alone can’t do anything. Customers are always on budget and that’s why we keep our prices competitive to the market. Quality with an affordable pricing structure is one of our hallmarks as a centrifugal polishing machine supplier.

Our corporate dynamic environment ensures maximum focus on giving our clients proper productivity, assistance, high-quality, expertise, and specialized products. So, if you need an all-around company related to surface finishing, then we are the safest bet.

This machine is a rolling polishing machine with the smallest capacity. It has the advantages of low purchase cost, convenient operation, no space, low noise, fast speed, etc. It has time setting, gear change, and five speeds: 40 60 100 180 300 speed adjustment Function, which greatly improves production efficiency. It is suitable for de-burring, chamfering, removing burrs, spot removal, polishing, mixing, color mixing and other small parts of various types of hardware, electronics, plastics, jewelry, clothing accessories, etc. Batch processing.


Specification OF Polishing Machine :

Model: Volume(L) Voltage(V) Power(kw) Filling(L) Speed(rpm) Machinesize(mm)
BF-3L 3 220 0.18 3L*80%   0-300 200*180*240 145*150
BF-5L 5 220 0.18 5L*80%   0-300 220*270*280 180*190
BF-10L 10 220 0.22 10L*80%   40-300 298*222*325 250*220
BF-15L 15 220 0.22 15L*80%   40-300 570*210*290 310*240