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July 12, 2021

Metal Buffering Machine

Best Quality Metal Buffering Machine Supplier in China

Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Limited is a leading brand among metal buffering machine manufacturers. We have the capacity and resources to feed our clients’ requirements; irrespective of their volume. We have served dozens of clients in the past and continuing to do so.

What Sets us Apart

Customer First

“Customer first” is the mantra that promotes value throughout our company. We appreciate staff, vendors, and clients as we know they are the backbone of our successful firm.


We have our dedicated department for Quality Control (QC) to test each metal buffering machine before we deliver it to the customer.

Why Choose Us

We Keep Enough Inventory

We hardly go out of stock! We have enough inventory for the metal buffering machine and relevant parts along with a testing facility to sample customers’ parts. If clients’ needs are job shopping, we always try to complete the job on time. We are located in Dongguan City that gives us the ability to ship machines within 24 hours.

We Refuel Large Businesses

Our metal buffering machines are used by organizations that produce some of the highest volume producers in their respective industries. All of our buffering machines are engineered for large part units to optimize throughput.

We Balance Quality and Rate of Production

With a decade of experience, Baozhen’s metal buffering machine produces a blend of high-quality surface finishes along with an improved production rate that​ is hardly achieved by competitive solutions.

Industry robotic knowledge gives us a benefit with coverage on complicated geometric shapes. It also gives an advantage in finding the right compound formula to manufacture a precise and repeatable surface finish that will set your final products apart.

Whether it be mush or cut buff application, Baozhen has the experience you require to obtain the perfect surface finish.


metal buffering machine.