Metal Surface Finishing5
Metal Surface Finishing
June 29, 2021
Vibratory Screening & Separating Machine
July 12, 2021



Functional and useful:

This machine is suitable for some metal and plastic parts for dry rough grinding and polishing. The feature is that it can be mass-produced, thereby reducing production costs. The key is that the quality of the workpiece remains consistent after processing.

Use characteristics:
1. Multiple functions, at the same time to achieve deburring and burrs, polishing and polishing, plastic products chamfering, etc.
2, Timing processing, end reminder, simple operation, no safety hazards, slow speed, long-term use.
3 Dry processing to meet the requirements of product mirror brightness
4 Two-way processing, automatic forward and reverse, to meet all-round chamfering and polishing needs
5 Batch processing, large capacity, very suitable for batch processing
6 Automatic processing, without manual intervention, one person can operate multiple machines
7 Digital monitoring, voltage, current, frequency and time are all digitally monitored
8 Uniform processing, after mass production operations, the workpieces can remain consistent
9 Frequency conversion speed regulation, timing forward and reverse rotation, to ensure stable operation and uniformity of processed workpieces

Suitable materials:
K gold jewelry, silver jewelry, copper products, aluminum products, stainless steel products, aluminum alloy products, zinc, magnesium alloy products, titanium alloy products, PC, acrylic, resin products, resin glue and various plastic hardware products.

Dry grinding media:
Mainly made of walnut grains, corn cobs, wood grains, bamboo grains, etc., bamboo grains are used as intermediates in the dry grinding and polishing process, and have a certain grinding force during rough grinding, which can remove a certain grinding line of plastic products. There is no cutting force in the grinding and polishing process (usually wood particles are usually used at this time), aiming to flatten the product surface and increase the surface brightness of the product, and the final processed workpiece can achieve a mirror effect