Hexagonal/Octagonal Barrel Rotary Finishing Machine
July 12, 2021
Ordinary Dehydration Machine
July 12, 2021

Hexagonal /Octagonal Barrel Rotary Finishing Machine


  1. Eccentric-designed rotary barrel.
  2. Equipped with step-less speed change, brake, inch and timer controlling system.
  3. Built-in imported motor, can reduce noise generated by machine working,
  4. Frequency converter can adjust grinding effect by controlling rotary speed,
  5. Rotary barrel interlining adopted PU or rubber coating, acid/alkali/abrasion resistant, can reduce workpiece damaging,
  6. Unload door coated with rubber, acid/alkali/abrasion resistant, and reduce workpiece beating hurt.


Model Motor(HP) Machine Size(mm)   Filling Volume(L) Speed(R.P.M)
BZ-1-20L 0.5 840*580*740 20L*80%  0-40
BZ-1-50L 1 1145*1050*1550 50L*80%  0-40
BZ-1-100L 1.5 1300*1100*1300 100L*80%  0-40
BZ-1-150L 2 1450*1200*1450 150L*80% 0-40