June 23, 2021
Fully Auto Flowing Type Polishing Machine
June 23, 2021

Fully Auto Magnetic Abrasive Finishing System

It merge on the original single magnetic field with assembly line process, and continuous operation procedure, saves labor cost and time, stainless steel needles are configured for the automatic magnetic force grinding machine, the thicker the needle is the stronger grinding ability. The needle size is determined by the hardness of the material, the stainless steel needle can be used continuously.



    1. The main frame is made of standard profile, can assemble different length of machine tool, and convenient to add and remove other accessories;
    2. Maintenance is convenient, simple and easy to replace parts.
    3. Simple operation, automatic circular rotation, can be operated by a single person,
    4. The water tank is used to dilute abrasive, can control the amount of water with the inductive switch,
    5. low noise, high efficiency.


Model Power source Power(kw) Machine Size(mm) Speed(R.P.M)
BZ-B2000 AC3HP*380V/36A 20 4200*1000*1650 30-Jan