Fully Auto Flowing Type Polishing System
Fully Auto Flowing Type Polishing System
June 23, 2021
Auto Dragging Type Polishing Machine
June 23, 2021

Fully Auto Flowing Type Polishing Machine


1 This equipment is the latest fully automatic eddy current type of mobile polisher, It has features such as high degree of automation, good looking appearance, reasonable structure, convenient for operation, large speed adjust range, smooth running, low noise and high efficiency for polishing etc..

2 This equipment can solve the difficult problems in polishing field including the overlapping of the workpieces and uneven polishing etc,, especially for the thick oxidation film enable difficult and take long time to use vibratory machine, but you can get short time, it can heighten at least 2 grades of the smooth finish degree, its polishing efficiency decuple the vibratory machine and 20 times more than the tumble machines,

3 This equipment has the functions of automatic rolling-over to unload, automatic separating the workparts and media with the vibrating sifter, automatic topping over the media into the polishing slot, speed adjust with frequency inverter and time control etc,, all the functions are achieved via PLC programmer, it can be visual operated on big touch screen, also both fully automatic operation or manual operation are available,




Model:  Volume(L) Filling(L) Machine Size(mm) Motor(kw) N.Weight(kg) Speed(rpm)        Inner D
BZ-2A50L 50 25 1040*1160*1140 1.5 350  0-180  460mm
BZ-2A120L 120 60 1600*1320*1340 4 900  0-170 640mm
BZ-2A240L 240 120 1620*1980*1500 5.5 1100 0-130  840mm