Ordinary Dehydration Machine
July 12, 2021
Vibratory Polishing Machine
July 12, 2021

De-Oil Machine/Industrial Dehydration Machine


The machine is suitable for dehydration, de-oiling and drying various metal parts and plastic parts, Also dehydration the food, textile, paint slag, and dehydrating de-oiling various iron scrap COPPER SCRAP. ALUMINUM SCRAP etc,, It is the necessary equipment for electroplating and grinding factory, hardware lathe factory, hardware electronic factory and hardware fastener factory etc,,




  1. The dehydrating machine can dehydrate De-oil the workpiece quickly by using the principle of centrifugal drying, no water stains storing and spots appearing, it avoids product oxidizing or rusting, and increase the product gloss and quality.
  2. The dehydration slot is made of stainless steel, firm and durable.
  3. Pedal brake assures safe operation,
  4. The dehydration adopts the iron-casted base, steady.


Model: Motor(HP) Cylinder(mm) Floor(mm) Speed(R.P.M)
BW-400 1 400*220 480 1100
BW-500 2 500*260 600 1100
BW-630 5 630*300 760 1000
BW-730 7.5 730*330 900 900