Flow Type Polishing Machine
June 24, 2021
Translation Type Magnetic Finishing Machine
June 24, 2021

Big Magenetic Finishing Machine


The magnetic grinding machine transmits the fine grinding stainless steel rods by utilizing the super electromagnetic force to generate the movement including high speed flow and turn around etc,, rub on the inner hold and surface of the workpieces to realize the precision grinding effect including polishing, cleaning and de-burring etc,, de-burring, chamfering, polishing and cleaning the workpieces including light hardware, non-iron hardware, rigid plastic components and products.





  1. Fast grinding speed, average grinding time is about 5-15 minute per times, equip with double process slot to replace the workpieces quickly, can change the grinding components in working,
  2. Easy operation, safe one operator can operate several machines at the same time,
  3. Low cost, the stainless steel needle is semi-permanent grinding material, super low consumption, the only consumable material is the grinding liquid.
  4. No pollution, the grinding liquid contained water content, nontoxic and non-fire crash, fully meeting the environment discharge standard,
  5. After completed grinding, can separate the workpiece and stainless steel needles easy by the screen, screen drum, electromagnetic force or separator easily,
  6. The diameter of the stainless steel needle is available from 0.2*5mm to 1.2*10mm


Model Power(kw) processing Weight(kg) weight(kg) Size(mm) Voltage(V)
BL-400 1.5 1-3 130 400*300 380
BL-500 2.2 3-5 180 500*320 380
BL-600 3.7 6-8 230 600*320 380
BL-800 5.5 8-12 320 800*350 380
BL-1000 7.5 10-16 480 1000*350 380