Stainless Steel Dehydration Machine
June 24, 2021
Magnetic Polishing Machine
June 24, 2021

Auto Open-Cover Dehydration Machine


Suitable for drying various metal parts after grinding, cleaning or de-rusting, it is the necessary equipment for electroplating and grinding factory.


  1. Dehydrating and drying at the same, no water stains and spots, can avoid workpieces oxidation and rusting,
  2. The dehydration slot is made of stainless steel, firm and durable, inner basket can be taken out, easy for loading and taking out workpieces,
  3. Pedal brake assures safe operation,
  4. Adopt automatic control power supply system, it will automatically cut off the power supply when finish dehydration drying or open the aluminum cover, temperature control, time control function is available,
  5. The heating pipes is installed in the side heating pipes box, import the heat to dehydration basket through air blower.
  6. Automatically open the cover by the cylinder, save operation time,




Model Motor(HP) Barrel diameter(mm) Barrel height(mm) Speed(R,P.M) Heat(kw)
BN-400 1 400 260 530  1.8
BN-500 1.5 500 280 530 0.3
BN-600 3 600 350 480  4.5