Fully Auto Magnetic Abrasive Finishing System
Fully Auto Magnetic Abrasive Finishing System
June 23, 2021


Top Quality Chinese Abrasive Supplier

Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Limited (Baozhen) is the fastest-growing abrasive supplier in China. Our qualified workforce and resourceful manufacturing facility are enabling us to make our way among the top abrasive manufacturers.

Baozhen has earned a rapport for excellence. We are on our way to a leadership position in the innovative manufacturing and design of unique portable abrasive power tools, relevant accessories, and dust collection. With our offerings of total systems solutions, we can meet the specific requirements of several industries.

To give your buyers a memorable experience, you can’t afford to give them a substandard product. That’s where Baozhen can help you out. We are the abrasive supplier that can provide you the exact item you require.

Why Choose Us

We Suppress Process Time

Unlike any other abrasive supplier, we employ a direct workforce that offers precise cost savings assessments, offering value to our clients like no other. We assess manufacturing operations, minimize waste and maximize cycle times.

We Optimize Manufacturing Process through:

  • Quality and airflow
  • Scrap reduction
  • Tool performance
  • Surface finish improvements
  • Manufacturing increase

What Sets Us Apart

We believe in a conducive work environment. We make the sure following:

  • Clean air in the workspace
  • Active ergonomics
  • Client retention through maximum productivity
  • Maximum productivity brings cost savings

Quality and Timeliness

When we were laying the foundation of our company, we had one resolve! The resolve was to maintain the balance between quality and timeliness, no matter what. Since our inception, we are following the same resolve and the results are massive.

Individual Attention

As a prominent abrasive supplier, we always try our best to give each of our client’s attention, listen to what they want, grasp their needs, and deliver the product within the agreed timeframe. We assure high-quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing procedure.






This production line is a semi-automatic twin magnetic grinding production lines, with automatic magnetic grinding, automatic hydraulic down feed, automatic vibration filter, auto cleaning conveyor, automatic water, automatic liquid and other functions, intensive production, greatly improving the work efficiency and decrease labor costs, mainly for large quantities of various types of non-ferrous parts, such as copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum and other products, solve a single device processing a small amount of low automation program, higher labor costs problem,


SPECIFICATION For Abrasive Supplier:

Model Total Power(kw) Magnetic Machine power(kw) Hydraulic Motor(kw) Conveyor Motor(kw) Screening Motor(kw) Pump Motor(kw) Machine Size(mm)
BZA-1600 10.6 3.7*2 1.5 0.75 0.35*2 0.25 5122*3022*1380