3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine
June 24, 2021
High Efficiency Horizontal Vibratory Finishing Machine
June 24, 2021

3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory Finishing Machines

What does it do? How can I use it? Why will it help me?

A vibratory finishing machine (also known as a vibratory tub or vibratory bowl) is a type of secondary process that cleans, deburrs, polishes, dries, or otherwise finishes a previously cut part. It differs from a vibratory tumbler in that the abrasive action happens due to the media added to the tub rather than due to the pieces rubbing against one another. It also differs from a barrel finishing machine in that rather than a rotating horizontal barrel turning the parts like a bingo ball, the whole tub pulses at once, cutting the whole load simultaneously.

Vibratory finishers are much faster than barrel finishers (though slower than centrifugal disc finishers) and can be operated on a stand-alone basis with no need for extra equipment. They are quieter than tumblers and can finish inside diameter surfaces that could not be reached by tumbler-style finishers. Because there is no tearing action or unequal application of force–because the whole machine moves as a unit–a vibratory finishing machine can handle any sort of part, from rough-cast steel to chinaware.


Suitable for polishing Aluminum, Copper, Aluminum alloy, iron Galvanized iron, zinc and magnesium alloy, Adopted arc-shaped body design, allows workpieces to move and turnover inside the barrel easily


Suitable for polishing long workpieces such as bicycle parts, forged items and vases.




Model  Size A B C D E F
50L 696 850 715 220 170 240
100L 906 990 860 334 216 310
150L 1045 1035 860 355 280 325
250L 1200 1260 1030 455 300 400
350L 1340 1330 1030 550 320 450
500L 1506 1550 1150 576 400 550
700L 1730 1770 1400 770 410 660
1000L 1850 2000 1480 810 445 680
1500L 2400 2200 1650 950 630 700