3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine
June 23, 2021
3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine
June 24, 2021

3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine


Specially equipped with the soundproof cover for the machine, can reduce noise in operating, rising and dropping operating of the soundproof cover is controlled by gear motor, easy and convenient.

Process Description: How does it work?

A vibratory finisher can be broken down into three parts: the tub, the revolving weights, and the screen. Alongside this basic setup the operator must add the parts, the abrasive media, water, and a chemical compound solution.

Depending on the type of part being finished, the operator will select a certain sort of preformed plastic or ceramic “stones,” pouring perhaps 100 or more pounds of the media into the tub along with the parts. Water is added to maintain lubrication and various types of chemical compounds are mixed in to clean metal parts and prevent corrosion.

A vibratory tub may have several formed spirals inside it around which the parts will travel. The shaking produced by the weights revolving eccentrically underneath the tub causes the contents of the tub to creep forward as they are finished until they reach the screen, which filters out the liquid and the media while transferring the finished parts out of the machine.
Common Processes

Deburring of automotive engine castings and fuel pump bodies, electrical components, ball point penclips, tire needle valves, etc.
Surface improvement of china plates, cups, and teapots, stainless flatware, golf irons, surgical equipment, etc.
Preplating of wrenches, luggage hardware, jewelry, eyeglass frames, etc.



Model Volume(L) Weight(kg) Motor(HP) Power(kw) Machine Size(mm) Fill Volume(KG)
VB-F50 150 260 1 0.75 L696*850H 150
VB-F100 100 360 2 1.5 L906*990H 300
VB-F150 150 460 3 2.2 L1045*1035H 380
VB-F250 250 640 5 3.75 L1200*1260H 650
VB-F350 350 750 7.5 5.62 L1340*1330H 950
VB-F500 500 1070 10 7.5 L1560*1560H 1200
VB-F700 700 1660 12 9 L1730*1730H 2000