All You Need to Know About Floor Polishing Machines

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May 7, 2021
Portable wheel polishing machine
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September 28, 2021
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The basic structure of a typical or portable wheel polishing machine consists of a body portion, a handle, and a motor with a drive shaft. The shaft is arranged to rotate a disc while the disc holds a brush or a pad that scrubs or polishes the floor. The motor drives the disc and thus pushes it to rotate on the floor. The handle is placed over top of the pad and functions the direction to which the pad rotates.

Types of Floor Polishing Machines

There are mainly two forms of these floor polishing machines. One is a low-speed machine where the equipment weight puts pressure on the pad alongside floor that the user is cleaning. This machine will drive the discs or pads between 100 RPM and 500 RPM. The machine’s construction could include one or two rotating pads or even three. In case of more than one pad, they normally operate by counter-rotating.

How a Floor Polishing Machine Operates

The style of floor polishing or a rotary mirror polishing machine also offered in a high-speed unit. This machine rotates one disc and is structured similar to a low-speed machine except that the motor assembly is backed on the ground by wheels or castors.

The brush or pad rotates at a high speed to generate friction on the floor that you are cleaning. The RPM’s of this machine ranges from 50 to 3000. The high speed generates a lot of heat and as a result you get a well-polished floor.

A few floor polishing machines are created to clean both dry and wet flooring. Also, there are machines that are capable of stripping, scrubbing, and carpet cleaning.

There can be many features that a quality floor polishing machine can possess. However, following is a list of some of the features you will get in a few of the better floor polishing machines:

  • Dry and wet application
  • Single-belt driven
  • Flexible handle bars
  • Hour meters to track usage 
  • Night light

Wrap Up

The general application of floor polishing machines is industrial in nature. Quite a few people do not get their own machine as they do not have the floor room that need the usage of such a machine. Before buying, check your local janitorial portable wheel polishing machine or check online to have an idea of what specific products are available in the market.

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