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 Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in researching and manufacturing various grinding and polishing equipment and grinding materials. The company continues the grinding and polishing technology of Taiwan, Germany, and Italy to serve the hardware industry with a more professional spirit.


 With a demanding working attitude, the company conducts perfect research and development to the needs of customers. In terms of grinding and polishing equipment, we do not give any extra effort to do better. We produce fully automatic grinding and polishing production lines, three-dimensional vibration grinders, high-speed centrifugal polishing machines, high-speed dehydration dryers, various hexagonal and octagonal drum machines. High cost performance has won the high recognition of the hardware industry.


Grinding and polishing agents play a vital role in the grinding and polishing effect of hardware. The company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the research and development of grinding and polishing agents, especially in the grinding and polishing of stainless steel.


The company's sales network covers the Pearl River Delta and various provinces in the mainland. The industries it serves include bicycles, aluminum die-casting parts, hand tools, zinc die-casting parts, furniture hardware, apparel hardware accessories, luggage hardware accessories, electronic hardware, all kinds of jewelry, jewelry and powder Metallurgy, resin, etc. The products are mainly used in stainless guillotine, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, magnesium alloy and other materials to be chamfered, deburred, and polished after stamping, casting, and die-casting.

  Professionalism, concentration, focus, and perfect quality is the quality policy of Baozhen Company. It is Baozhen Company to deal with all kinds of problems encountered in the process of metal grinding and polishing in time, and to provide customers with better solutions for metal and resin grinding and polishing. Business purpose.


 With decades of rich experience in grinding and polishing and the spirit of excellence, Baozhen has opened up a new chapter in the grinding and polishing industry!

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