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If you are in search of a company that supplies different variants of polishing machines, then you are at the right place. Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Limited is a high-quality surface finish and polishing machine manufacturer in China. With a professional work ethic and strong research and development department, we are increasingly becoming popular. Within a few years, we have acquired valued clients and the numbers are increasing day by day.

What We Offer

As mentioned earlier, we offer different surface polishing machines. Our product portfolio includes:
polishing vibration machine
aluminum wheel polishing machine
portable wheel polishing machine
rotary mirror polishing machine
centrifugal polishing machine
metal surface finishing
metal buffering machine
abrasive machine

We are Client-oriented

We start with customers’ needs and at the same. For us, clients’ needs are foremost. Before confirming the order, we acquire full details regarding what their requirements are. We receive their specs and offer our products accordingly.

We Love to Serve

Whenever clients call us, we respond to them within no time. WE feel happy if the customer turns to us after buying our product. We do not hesitate to share their pain and resolve their issue.
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Dongguan Baozhen Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in researching and manufacturing various grinding and polishing equipment and grinding materials. The company continues the grinding and polishing technology of Taiwan, Germany, and Italy to serve the hardware industry with a more professional spirit.

With a demanding working attitude, the company conducts perfect research and development to the needs of customers. In terms of grinding and polishing equipment, we do not give any extra effort to do better. We produce fully automatic grinding and polishing production lines, three-dimensional vibration grinders, high-speed centrifugal polishing machines, high-speed dehydration dryers, various hexagonal and octagonal drum machines. High cost performance has won the high recognition of the hardware industry.

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